Barbell Exercises: The Key to Muscle, Strength and Fitness


Barbell Exercises: The Route to Muscle & Strength

Barbell workouts will remain the standard for building strength and muscle, and yes even great for endurance work. Everybody is comfortable with dumbbells, they are approachable and easy to work with, regarding your past exercise experience. If you are ready to make big gains, the piece of equipment that matters most is the barbell.

At 45 pounds and 7 feet long, the classic Olympic barbell provides the base tool the most important heavy pushes and pulls you’ll perform. There are also a number of barbell versions (EZ Curl, Hex bar, etc.). To build strength and mass, barbells are essential. When you want to build muscle and strength, you must perform multi-joint exercises known as compound exercises. These exercises create the required tension and stress through different muscles and movement patterns.

Back squats, bench presses, and dead lifts can all be performed with other equipment, but the true results come from these multi-joint exercises utilizing barbells.


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