Find the Best Online Personal Trainer for Your Goals


1. Trainer accessibility

In addition to being less expensive than a in-person gym sessions, an online personal trainer gives you more freedom to access your personalized workout plans no matter where you are training. We can create workouts for you to take anywhere, with minimal equipment and bodyweight workouts, or customized workouts that you can take to your local gym.  Additional benefits include activities like running or biking workouts.

2. Flexible communication

With one-on-one personal training gym sessions, you normally only have access to your trainer during your appointment. With online personal trainers, you can easily and regularly communicate with your trainer. We find that having a flexible schedule and communication option for pour clients is important for helping clients build the long-term success with their health and fitness goals.

3. Personal progress tracking

With our App, we easily track your fitness routine. We are able to make adjustments on the fly so we capture all your workout data and your progress—in one easy place. With our App, we can communicate about any goals, questions or concerns to be sure your workouts are the very best.

4. Planning

With online personal training, we are able to plan your workouts since you’ll know the upcoming week’s workouts. When working with one of our online personal trainers, there is usually a program set for about 1 month. As a client, you’ll know what to expect and be able to ask about workouts that are up and coming, or allow for planning for work, or other personal scheduling concerns.” If you need more workouts, or quickly change your workouts, your personal trainer will also be able to give you workouts to do on days when you’re not working out to help you stay encouraged.

5. Personal Accountability

Having someone to answer to, whether online or in-person, will always make you more likely to show up. With Online personal training, we are here to keep you motivated, inspired and challenged.


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