Sled Workout


Pushing a sled is a great way to combine strength training and conditioning into one exercise. Heavy, slow sled work helps build leg strength with each step, and lighter, faster sled work can help build speed and endurance (which supports fat loss and muscle gain). Sleds can be loaded with weights and pushed by placing your hands on the vertical posts or pulled using a strap, which you can get from the front desk at VASA.

Here are a few tips for your sled workout:

  • Hand position: Arms should be fully extended, with the shoulders and core engaged as the legs drive you forward.
  • Step length: Take short, quick steps, pushing each foot through the floor with every step.
  • Back position: By keeping the core engaged, your back should be relatively flat to ensure you’re loading the muscles and not the spine.

Check out these videos before you get started to see how to properly use a sled and for ideas on how to incorporate sled work into your workout.

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