The Blogilates Mini Backpack – New at Target!


Hey guys!

I hate that price is a (very real) barrier, so I had to find a way to give you a quality product I was genuinely proud of while making the math math on the backend and GIRL MATH on the frontend!


The Blogilates Mini Backpack

It took a whole year to figure out the right fabrics and trims to get this mini backpack to look luxurious while making it a STEAL at the same time. It was difficult, like really difficult, but the in the end, I was ok with not mathing…so you could girl math – aka MAKE MONEY.


Make it affordable, but don’t make it cheap.

Mission accepted.

Like seriously. This bag should not be $19.99 but it is somehow and you better SNAG IT if you see it. You can’t be mad at me when it sells out. I warned you.

💕 Pillow soft
💕 7 (!!) POCKETS
💕 Hidden loops in the shoulder straps
💕 Adjustable bungee cords
💕 Criss cross sweater holder

You can get the Blogilates mini backpack at Target right now online or in-store! While you’re there, don’t forget to shop my other new designs – All under $20!


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