The slow cardio treadmill workout I’m loving right now


My current workout mood: 30-1-30

30 incline ↗️
1 mph 🐌
30 minutes ⏱️


30-1-30 Treadmill Workout

This treadmill workout seriously gets my heart rate so high, and in comparison to running (which feels like torture to me) this slow cardio hiking situation feels more enjoyable for my body! I spent yearsssss trying to like HIIT, trying to like running, but honestly, it always felt like I had to try SO hard. I also never really felt like I got better at it.


blogilates heart rate 30-1-30 treadmill workout

Ever since I’ve been testing out slow cardio like the 12-3-30, I’ve noticed my body is just simply liking it more. I’m better at it. It’s weird because my heart rate gets high (higher than when I’m running) and yet my muscles aren’t dying. Mentally and emotionally, I’m not dying either! To be completely honest, it’s the first cardio I think I’m actually good at and getting better at, which is so exciting!

It all kinda goes back to what your body is better suited for. I have the endurance to push through slow hard things (that’s why I’m good at Pilates) but I know I’m bad at fast sprints (that’s why I never really enjoyed HIIT). It’s just not meant for my body, so I gas out really fast.

Give this a try if fast cardio didn’t work for you either! I’m seeing changes in my body and my booty…and I love!

Oh and if your treadmill doesn’t go to 30, try a step mill!



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