A Tiny, Adorable Version of Our Favorite Tote


Hey guys!

Tote bag, but make it teeny tiny itsy bitsy bc I LOVE super small things! (But also, it is true that I LOVE REALLY REALLY BIG things. Basically, I like things that aren’t the size they should be if that makes any sense.)

Introducing the POPFLEX Baby Sloane Tote!



It’s a shrunken version of the Sloane Tote (the ultimate work and airport tote) that has sold out multiple times. I made this baby version because I needed a purse. I don’t really like purses bc they are fussy to me, but I felt like if I could make one that would work with casual outfits and be versatile enough to be dressed up, then I’d have a winner.

popflex baby sloane tote canvas tote

Baby Sloane Tote features

✨ Fully lined
✨ Zipper closure
✨ 11(!!!) pockets
✨ Removable crossbody strap

popflex baby sloane tote colors


This little baby won my heart and I use her alllll the time now! Hope you love her too!


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