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Girls, get ready.

It’s everything you wished for. 2.5 years in the making and I’m finally ready to share with you what will be the best sports bra in the world.

Were you one of the 22,000 women who filled out the survey back in 2021? If so, you helped create this:

The POPFLEX Superbra.

The Superbra Journey

Why did it take 2.5 years? Because we had to get creative and go back to the drawing board so many times. Here’s a lil peek at the BTS.


Can you believe how many times the design changed!? As you can see, the product development process is truly A PROCESS. Good, reliable products take time, but with the speed of social media and fast fashion setting the pace, I feel like it’s warped people’s sense of time. (Copying other people’s designs and getting them out in a matter of weeks is UNNATURAL!)

9-12 months is the average time I can sketch something from your requests, develop, and produce, but the harder ones like Superbra need even more attention.

Anyway, thank you for giving me grace and patience. I’m currently editing my Superbra video and I cannot wait to show you all the cool features!


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