The PHAT Workout: Build Mass & Strength


 Power and Mass Workouts

Two workouts during the week will be dedicated to building power. After a rest day, the next three workouts are spent building muscle. The workouts are tough, but you have a mental and physical mix-up that keeps you from over training during each week. Your hypertrophy days and power workouts will support new mass and increased strength, the foundations for progressive overloads.

Check Out the PHUL Workout Routine

Benefits of the PHAT Workout:

  • Increase overall strength
  • Stimulate hypertrophy (muscle building)
  • Improve overall strength and conditioning
  • Foundation for strength and Fitness

How the PHAT Routine Works

The training system takes draws from the “strengths” of both types of training that leads to progressive overload. The PHAT Workout Routine can help powerlifters build more mass and to break plateau. For bodybuilders, the goal is it add strength in order to pack on muscle mass. A great mix up with another workout every 12 weeks or so is the Push Pull Legs (PPL) Split.  It adds one more day, but can still be used as a 5-day as well.


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