The Tomato Girl Aesthetic is TikTok’s Juiciest Fashion Trend


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TikTok’s fashion forecast calls for a Tomato Girl Summer. Not sure what that is? You’re not alone. We’re breaking down this trend so you can have the deets on social media’s juiciest summer looks. 


It Started With A Song

Like most things on the musical platform, this TikTok trend has song-inspired origins. A take on Meg Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer,” Tomato Girl Summer combines the concept of reclaiming the season with a new fashion niche. 

While TikTok is known for cultivating distinctive, hyperspecific fashion trends, this may be the app’s most unique trend. 

Inspired by Mediterranean landscapes, it gives your summer outfits a breezy, homegrown edge. This newly-named style brings European glamor to the everyday woman. (Even if you aren’t vacationing on the Amalfi Coast this summer, you can still dress like it!).

We love a good wardrobe refresh, and this style goes above and beyond. It’s a way to use unique patterns, color combos, and silhouettes to achieve that Italian leisure look. And we aren’t the only fans of this look; #TomatoGirlAesthetic on TikTok has over 117 million views.

After taking social media by storm, the Tomato Girl aesthetic has been recognized by major fashion magazines and is even influencing runway looks.

If you personally aren’t a fan of tomatoes, no worries! The trend has spawned conversations for other plant-inspired looks like the Lemon Girl and the Watermelon Girl. (As we move further into summer, we have to wonder how this trend will evolve when autumn rolls around… dare we say, Acorn Girl Fall? 👀). 



It’s Not Just About Tomatoes

We know it’s in the name, but the trend is about so much more. The Tomato Girl style is about dressing in a bright, colorful palette that reflects the season’s beautiful blooms. From fresh produce to blossoming flowers and sparkling sunshine, this trend borrows everything we love about summer. The Tomato Girl look is playful, stylish, and carefree. It allows you to embody “golden hour” all day long. 

If you picture someone walking down the cobblestone streets of a European village in the summertime, think of what they’d be wearing. That’s the Tomato Girl aesthetic!

Okay, okay… If you’re still struggling to picture it, we don’t blame you. Here are some key items to achieve the look if you’re invested in becoming a Tomato Girl.

🍅 Warm tones like red, orange, yellow, and gold! (it is centered on tomatoes, after all)

🍅 Breezy linen sundresses and pants

🍅 Clothes with fun summer patterns like gingham or even fruits and veggies

🍅 Bright summer button downs

🍅 Silky hair scarves

🍅 Elegant sandals

🍅 Vibrant colors (if you’d see it in your neighbor’s garden, it’s perfect!)

🍅 Crochet and macrame accessories

🍅 Natural beach waves and your favorite claw clip

🍅 A bronzy, golden makeup routine for a glowy look


If you want more inspiration to build your own Tomato Girl-inspired look, check out our Tomato Girl Summer Pinterest board

This Trend Has Layers

Like so many fashion trends, the Tomato Girl aesthetic goes beyond what we’re wearing. It promotes a slower pace of life that stops us from rushing from one thing to the next. It doesn’t just conjure dreamy scenes of sipping an ice-cold drink and lounging with a good book or perusing your local farmer’s market for fresh finds. It encourages you to live out this European fantasy, no matter where you are. 

Being a Tomato Girl means seeking out adventure and taking it slow in order to appreciate all of the amazing things that can happen when you become present in the moment. 


Ready to Live Your Tomato Girl Summer?

Let us know if you like this trend and want to see more fashion inspiration on Pinterest in the future!

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